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You work hard, and you expect to be paid. But how do you know if a company’s going to treat you fairly and pay on time?

With PayScore

  • As a Construction Contractor, Energy Service Company or Supplier you can see if a General Contractor, Producer, Project Owner has reliable payment history
  • Vendors score companies on the effort to submit an invoice and the time taken to get paid

Get real-time peer-to-peer Payment Scores

PayScore is a platform for vendors to score companies on their payment reliability. As a PayScore member, you can view a company’s overall payment score at any time, with just a click.

As a PayScore subscriber you have:

  • Unlimited access to our database of company's and their payment scores, created from the real experiences of other contractors
  • The ability to view scores anytime, anywhere on your phone, computer or tablet.


XYZ Developments Weyburn, Saskatchewan


Alberta Oil Company Calgary, Alberta


BC General Contracting Vancouver, BC


East Coast Petroleum St. John’s, NFLD


Manitoba Property Developments Winnipeg, Manitoba



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  • Look up scores based on reviewers like you.

A Payment Score service that pays for itself

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Our story

With over 25 years’ exposure to the oilfield and construction industries, I’ve witnessed too many instances where slow pay/no pay companies cause grief for contractors and the industry as a whole. Contractors and their families are put through financial stress. Industry reputation suffers damage. New projects face increased skepticism from stakeholders such as contractors, landowners and municipalities. PayScore helps protect contractors manage risk and helps reliable companies by boosting their corporate social responsibility image.

I am an industry supporter. I created PayScore as a way for industry to display integrity and transparency.

C. Simeniuk
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