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You work hard, and you expect to be paid. But how do you know if a company’s going to treat you fairly and pay on time?

With PayScore

  • You can see if a company has reliable payment history
  • Vendors score companies on the effort to submit an invoice and the time taken to get paid

Get real-time, peer-to-peer, Payment Scores

We gather information from contractors like you about their payment experiences. As a PayScore member, you can view a company’s overall payment score at any time, with just a click.

As a PayScore subscriber you have:

  • Unlimited access to our database of company's and their payment scores, created from the real experiences of other contractors
  • The ability to view scores anytime, anywhere on your phone, computer or tablet.


XYZ Developments Weyburn, Saskatchewan


Alberta Oil Company Calgary, Alberta


BC General Contracting Vancouver, BC


East Coast Petroleum St. John’s, NFLD


Manitoba Property Developments Winnipeg, Manitoba



Post your own ratings. Earn Credits.

  • Let others know about your experiences by posting a score on our app.
  • Each review earns you credits that you can use to buy downloadable reports on specific, or even a full export of all our payment data.


A Payment Score service that pays for itself

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With PayScore:

  • You can look up payment reliability of energy and construction companies.
  • If you avoid one bad contract, you’ve paid for it and then some.

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Our story

With over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, I’ve seen my share of successful business relationships as well as those where a contractor gets stiffed. I’ve experienced the worry of whether I’ll be paid and when. I’ve seen the damage to a contractor’s business when a company doesn’t pay. Whether it’s due to bankruptcy or general penny-pinching, a company’s decision to not pay or to slow pay its contractors causes pain. Pain for workers and families.

I created PayScore as a way for the community of contractors to help each other by sharing information on their payment experiences with companies -- good and bad.

C. Simeniuk
Worker Image