payment worries? eliminate them.

If you are a Canadian oilfield or construction contractor your time is valuable.

Dealing with slow paying customers is an abuse of your time.

Know a customer’s payment reliability before you waste your time, labour and materials.

Introducing PayScore

  • A new business to business tool to check payment reliability
  • Construction contractors can look up payment reliability of project owners and general contractors
  • Energy service companies can look up payment reliability of producers and general contractors
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How PayScore works:

You can't manage what you don't measure!

PayScore gives you the unique platform to not only look up payment reliability of new customers, but also, monitor existing customers in case they start lagging in their payment commitments.

Using PayScore is fast and easy

You are busy. We get it. The last thing you need is another time drain in your day.

PayScore was built by, and for, folks like you.

The platform is designed to be fast and intuitive. Information is provided in a simple, straightforward manner. No excessive data and clutter.

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    Set up your dashboard

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    Sit back knowing you have quick information at your fingertips


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"What's in it for me?" you ask:

Reduce Risk of Slow Pay/No Pay

Know if a customer company pays their bills reliably.

Do you want to be out of pocket for labour and materials to find out your cashflow is tied up for months waiting to get paid, or worse yet, not get paid at all?

Valid information
that's useful to you

Simple, intuitive information that benefits your business.

No excessive data to give you analysis paralysis.

Monitor existing customers

Ratings are continuously updated. The information is always fresh.

Manage your exposure with an existing customer that starts showing a lagging trend.

Minimize time drain

You are busy running a business.

You have better things to do than chase slow payers. Focus your efforts on customers that pay timely.

Manage risk exposure with new customers

Tailor payment proposals to fit a prospect’s payment rating. Decline to bid when the risk is too great.

Improve your

Your sales team doesn't run for free.

Use PayScore reports to target customers with with a consistent payment history.


Special introductory subscription:

Contact us about discounts for trade association members.

Here's what an annual subscription gives you.

  • Easy to use dashboard to monitor existing customers
  • Unlimited search function on new customers
  • Access to reporting functions