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Got questions about PayScore?

About signing up for our Payment Scoring service

How much does it cost?

It costs $240 for a 1-year subscription to PayScore. This is our special introductory price and will only be available for a limited time.

An annual subscription gives you unlimited access to lookup company payment scores.

Can I cancel my membership?

We do not auto renew memberships. If you chose to cancel your subscription will automatically expire at the end of your one year term or you can contact us.


We will send notifications that your renewal is coming up to allow you seamless access.

Who uses PayScore?

Who can use PayScore?

PayScore is for Canadian businesses in the energy and construction sectors. Service companies use PayScore to to monitor their customers be they:

  • oil and gas producer
  • project owner
  • general contractor
  • developer

Who in my organization can use our subsription?

There is no limit to the number of users in your organization that can use the platform.

  • owner/operator
  • bookkeeper
  • controller
  • dispatch
  • estimator
  • procurement
  • sales & marketing

All of these positions can use the information to benefit their day.



I am a GC/Producer/Owner. Is there benefit to having my contractors score my company?

Yes. If you are trying to promote your enterprise as one that values their contractors by paying timely, encouraging your contractors to score you will assist in building your ‘street cred”.


  • If you are a new startup we encourage you to have your contractors build your profile on PayScore. If you are considering this route please contact us to discuss discounted rates for your contractors to get started on PayScore.

How It Works

I have lost access to my PayScore account due to lost information, administrator quit, lost computer, etc.

Contact us directly and we will gladly assist you with regaining access. Please be prepared to confirm your identity, if a complete account reset is needed.

How much effort is required to add a new company to my dashboard?

Search for the name of the company using part or all of the name. If the company name is in our database two clicks to add the scores and you are done. Same time it took to read this.


How time-consuming is it to update a review of a company on my dashboard?

Minimal. The process takes a few clicks. A review update will take less time than reading this answer.

Oops. I added a company to the list and spelled the name wrong, had the wrong address, etc. What should I do?

No problem. Send us an email to [email protected], and we will get it fixed up.

Can I leave a written review?

No. PayScore does not allow written reviews. We only allow a score based on Time and Effort of getting paid by a company.

As a user, can someone pull a report on me to see all the scores I have left and all the companies I work for?

No. There is no ability to pull a report on a vendor showing a list of all the companies they work for and all the scores they have submitted.

Scores & Scoring

How does the scoring process work?

Contractors score a company on two factors: Time and Effort, weighted 80% and 20% of the total score respectively.

The Overall Score is an average of every reporting contractor’s total score for that company.

What is the Time Score?

This is the amount of time the company takes to process and pay a contractor’s approved invoice from the time the invoice is submitted into the system. (This does not include the time it takes to get the invoice to the approved and submitted status. )

+5 within 30 days
+4 within 60 days
+3 within 90 days
+2 within 120 days
+1 over 120 days
0 advance payment only
-5 Missed Payment

What is the Effort Score?

This score is used to showcase the level of effort it takes a contractor to get the invoice into the company’s system. This process may range from a simple approval signature and email submission, to multiple signatures, naming convention,  format changes and logging into a submission portal.
We use a numbered scoring system:
5 = Fast and Easy
1 =  Onerous and Time Consuming

What are the symbols/color codes beside the payscore?

We call these flags. These are used to provide indication if vendors in the system are reporting ‘Missed Payment’ scores for that company.
Green <1% reporting Missed Payment Yellow 1-5% reporting Missed Payment Red >5% reporting Missed Payment

Why should I leave scores of my companies?

The success and accuracy of PayScore is a community effort. Those who enjoy the full benefits of the community are those who contribute to the community.

As an incentive, contractors that enter reviews receive credits which can be used to purchase Company Detail and Company List reports.

A company is delinquent on an invoice. I leave a negative score. So what?

The ideal outcome is that someone at that company finds your negative review and contacts you to remedy the issue. The other outcome is that it provides a warning to other contractors to potentially avoid that company. Enough work refusals may encourage that company to square up with their contractors.

If you do end up getting paid in full, please remember to adjust their score from missed payment to over 90 day.

What prevents someone from leaving false scores?

PayScore’s Terms of Service includes a Rules of Conduct section that provides the expectations users are to follow. We strive to report accurate, honest reviews in a transparent manner. Integrity of the reviews is paramount. Purposefully leaving false reviews can be very damaging to a Contractor’s reputation as there are no anonymous postings on PayScore. Subsequently, offenders may have their PayScore account suspended.

Does a low score mean a company is bad to work for?

Not necessarily. A company may have a low score due to long payment terms but that company may pay very consistently according to those terms.

Credits & Reporting

As a subscriber what data do I have access to?

You will be able to set up your Dashboard to monitor all the companies you routinely work for. This gives you a convenient view of their score, flags and number of ratings. You can also do unlimited single company searches which provide the score, flags and number of ratings.

Two report types are also available:
A Company Detail Report will give a detailed breakdown of all the contractors that reviewed a company, when the reviews were submitted, and the Time and Effort scores. This is useful if you need to look at how a company is trending over time.

A Company List Report provides all the same data as a single company search except it shows all the companies in the system. This report is generated in an excel format allowing you to sort the data as you need. This report is useful to sales teams for prospecting.

As a contractor, why do I want to use PayScore?

No business can afford to waste time or money. PayScore gives you a cost-efficient, real-time window into how reliably a company pays their contractors and how challenging they are to invoice. PayScore gives you an early warning to avoid a delinquent company. PayScore also lets you warn other contractors if you experience a delinquent company.